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Cell Phone and Land Line in One Unit

Posted: 2011-09-26 by Liv in Good
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Landline and Cellphone All In One – It’s called the Vtech DS6421-3

You can answer your cell phone and your land line from one handset. You can also make calls via this handset from your cell phone number or your land line number. And it really works. I’m doing that very thing with the vtech DS6421-3 phone system. It comes with three handsets and two bluetooth connections. Pairing the Vtech and the cell phone was a snap. You can add another bluetooth device — for instance a hands free headset or another cell phone. This means you can answer your cell phone or your land line from anywhere in the house. Just rest the cell phones near the Vtech’s phone base and you’re good to go.

If not for Verizon Wireless’ arrogant, dismissive and, in general, bad customer service I would not be enjoying Virgin Mobile now. I would still be paying three times more to Verizon.

About two years ago, I noticed that my Verizon Wireless Motorola smartphone was not getting reliable signal at home – that there were more dead zones in my apartment than live ones. A self described troubleshooter, I began – well troubleshooting. Never expecting anything but a satisfactory resolution, (more…)