Soda Stream – The Seltzer Maker

Posted: 2012-06-19 by Liv in Good, Household

Soda Stream is a great way to have your soda and drink it too.

It is also fantastic for those of us who are at least greenish and like using fewer plastic bottles. Soda stream puts it very well: No lugging, no storing, no empties…

There are numerous models and many places to buy these great soda makers. Check it out at Soda

  1. The Original Luddite says:

    I LOVE me some soda, and drink it all day long. I was very skeptical that the Soda Stream system could provide a tasty soft drink, but I was wrong. In several shakes of a lamb’s tail, my dear wife can produce lemon-lime, cherry, coca cola, root beer, and every other flavor that my taste buds desire.

    It’s simple enough that even I can do it, and I am the original Luddite, normally totally incapable of using even the simplest technology.

    And the price is certainly right, less than 1/4 of what equivalent soda sells for in the local supermarket. Well done, Soda Stream, you have won my heart!!!!!

    The Original Luddite

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