Not too terribly long ago I contemplated doing a radio show and I needed a professional sounding microphone, without the professional expense. I asked around and right away, my advisers told me to check out the Blue brand of microphones, and in particular, to get the Snowball for it simplicity coupled with dynamite results.

So, expecting to find it for $100 USD, instead I found it for $60 USD on, and they delivered it a few days later. I checked, and this is still the going price for this gem.

Don’t you just love it when things go smoothly? I sure do.

The microphone comes with a tripod which was easy to assemble, and the round microphone allows me to position the head straight on, at an angle to either side, or up and down at will. The mike is covered by a metal  screen, and it’s STURDY – this thing could be used as a shot put if you had to, and I doubt it would break. It fits in easily to the USB port, and pretty much installs itself.

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5 tools to help cover your tracks online :

We are so lovin’ LG Optimus 4X HD Android Smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), v 4.03. We gave it a (short) run for the (a lot of) money (around $444 at Amazon). 

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Smartphones; Smart Manufacturers!

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Samsung Note 2

One of our favourites; due out in Europe in Octoboer 2012.

Samsung Galaxy Note II includes 5.5″ Screen, updated S Pen.

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Sand Dancer

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Thanks to Dan Butler for posting this on his blog.

Over the many years we have been following Dan’s newsletter we’ve gotten many helpful tips and links to great tech resources and tools.


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With a pair of SOL Republic Headphones I tune out the cacophony while running errands in the center of the universe, a.k.a. New York City.

Your podcast/audio book/music, etc., is clear, crisp and full-bodied. Still, the sound of the outside world is not completely shut out, so you can still hear an oncoming cyclist or unconscious text-er in time to step out of the way.

That’s one of the great features of the SOL REPUBLIC head phones.

Here is how Sol Republic puts it:

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AMD Gadgets

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AMD is not just a CPU!

In other words: Advanced Micro Devices make other great technology besides Central Processing Units.

AMD has a line of great USB gadgets with clever the designs. I love the Lego inspired USB hubs!

Source: AMD on Pinterest

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The external hardrive I’ve been using for backup is just not mobile enough. So I’ve been thinking more and more about backing up to the “Cloud.” It’s the most effecient approach to  “need to access everywhere” and “need to backup regularly” files.

Sugarsync offers 5 GB of free cloud storage.  That is more than enough for my catalog of documents as well as a huge selection of music.

According to Sugarsync,  all data transfers are encrypted. For maximum security, our files are transferred over the Internet using TLS (SSL 3.3) encryption, the industry standard for secure web communications. Furthermore, data storage is secure and redundant. Our data is stored redundantly in carrier-grade data centers and is encrypted using 128-bit AES – the same level of protection used for online financial transactions. Read the rest of this entry »

Soda Stream – The Seltzer Maker

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Soda Stream is a great way to have your soda and drink it too.

It is also fantastic for those of us who are at least greenish and like using fewer plastic bottles. Soda stream puts it very well: No lugging, no storing, no empties…

There are numerous models and many places to buy these great soda makers. Check it out at Soda

The 2012 Oscars – A Look Back

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Considering the amount of time I spent thinking about it, this past Sunday’s Academy Awards should have been the highlight of my cultural year. Between the time spent watching the movies, reading the reviews, parsing the many online articles, dragging friends into long conversations over who and what would be nominated and whether or not they deserved it… Heck, I sat through two full day marathons to see all the Best Picture nominees.

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