Logitech’s M515 Couch Mouse

Posted: 2012-01-25 by Liv in Good, Tech
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Logitech’s M515 couch mouse works on uneven surfaces such your couch, bedspread, thigh, etc. That’s pretty cool especially for “those of you” who are inclined toward sybaritic-ness. But, the feature that best impresses is that this mouse is designed to be activated by touch. What this means is the batteries (two AAs) last a long, long time. For instance, as of now, the battery gage, which is in the mouse settings window) indicates 719 days remain! That’s almost two years. Click on the gage and it changes from days to percent remaining.It still shows 100%. How green is that! How convenient!
Thank you Logitech – you did it again. Love this mouse!

  1. Liv says:

    A year and a half later this pointing device is as good as new. Had to replace the battery once. I must admit I wasn’t logging how many days the first battery lasted… probably about 719 days give or take a few. Logitech doesn’t disappoint when it comes to mouses. As a matter of fact, I’m typing this update on a Logitech keyboard which I’ve been using for quite a while. (Must be years; it’s not wireless :-).)

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