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5 tools to help cover your tracks online :

We are so lovin’ LG Optimus 4X HD Android Smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), v 4.03. We gave it a (short) run for the (a lot of) money (around $444 at Amazon). 

Our breathless findings: (more…)


Smartphones; Smart Manufacturers!

Posted: 2012-08-29 by Liv in Smartphone, Tech
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Samsung Note 2

One of our favourites; due out in Europe in Octoboer 2012.

Samsung Galaxy Note II includes 5.5″ Screen, updated S Pen.


Sand Dancer

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Thanks to Dan Butler for posting this on his blog.

Over the many years we have been following Dan’s newsletter we’ve gotten many helpful tips and links to great tech resources and tools.


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With a pair of SOL Republic Headphones I tune out the cacophony while running errands in the center of the universe, a.k.a. New York City.

Your podcast/audio book/music, etc., is clear, crisp and full-bodied. Still, the sound of the outside world is not completely shut out, so you can still hear an oncoming cyclist or unconscious text-er in time to step out of the way.

That’s one of the great features of the SOL REPUBLIC head phones.

Here is how Sol Republic puts it:


AMD Gadgets

Posted: 2012-07-04 by Liv in Good, Tech
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AMD is not just a CPU!

In other words: Advanced Micro Devices make other great technology besides Central Processing Units.

AMD has a line of great USB gadgets with clever the designs. I love the Lego inspired USB hubs!

Source: AMD on Pinterest


The external hardrive I’ve been using for backup is just not mobile enough. So I’ve been thinking more and more about backing up to the “Cloud.” It’s the most effecient approach to  “need to access everywhere” and “need to backup regularly” files.

Sugarsync offers 5 GB of free cloud storage.  That is more than enough for my catalog of documents as well as a huge selection of music.

According to Sugarsync,  all data transfers are encrypted. For maximum security, our files are transferred over the Internet using TLS (SSL 3.3) encryption, the industry standard for secure web communications. Furthermore, data storage is secure and redundant. Our data is stored redundantly in carrier-grade data centers and is encrypted using 128-bit AES – the same level of protection used for online financial transactions. (more…)

Soda Stream – The Seltzer Maker

Posted: 2012-06-19 by Liv in Good, Household

Soda Stream is a great way to have your soda and drink it too.

It is also fantastic for those of us who are at least greenish and like using fewer plastic bottles. Soda stream puts it very well: No lugging, no storing, no empties…

There are numerous models and many places to buy these great soda makers. Check it out at Soda

Logitech’s M515 Couch Mouse

Posted: 2012-01-25 by Liv in Good, Tech
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Logitech’s M515 couch mouse works on uneven surfaces such your couch, bedspread, thigh, etc. That’s pretty cool especially for “those of you” who are inclined toward sybaritic-ness. But, the feature that best impresses is that this mouse is designed to be activated by touch. What this means is the batteries (two AAs) last a long, long time. For instance, as of now, the battery gage, which is in the mouse settings window) indicates 719 days remain! That’s almost two years. Click on the gage and it changes from days to percent remaining.It still shows 100%. How green is that! How convenient!
Thank you Logitech – you did it again. Love this mouse!

14.4V Cordless Hand Vac CHV1410B

Black and Decker’s Dustbusters have always been and important and handy household tool. The 14.4 volt Cordless Hand Vac is just so awesome it is worth a mention here.

It is more than powerful enough for the pickups – quick or extensive – around the house.  It has a brush that can be flipped down for use or flipped up when you don’t need it. The brush is attached to the unit so it’s there when you need and you don’t have to look for it. The unit has a pull-out wand, which is great for tight spots. The wand is also attached.   Maintaining the unit is so simple. It can be dis-assembled and re-assembled in a few seconds. The clear canister lets us see when it’s time to remove the dirt and dust, which we do with our larger Meile canister vacuum. This way the dust  does not get re-admitted into our home!   The battery lasts and lasts.  We’ve been using this B&D hand vac daily for more than a year and there has been no sign of  weakening.  Not only is it practical and efficient, its design is attractive.

Black And Decker lists it at $72 but places like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon have it available less than $40.