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Sand Dancer

Posted: 2012-08-23 by Liv in Good, Movies, Tech
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Thanks to Dan Butler for posting this on his blog.

Over the many years we have been following Dan’s newsletter we’ve gotten many helpful tips and links to great tech resources and tools.


The 2012 Oscars – A Look Back

Posted: 2012-02-29 by ilmozart in Movies
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Considering the amount of time I spent thinking about it, this past Sunday’s Academy Awards should have been the highlight of my cultural year. Between the time spent watching the movies, reading the reviews, parsing the many online articles, dragging friends into long conversations over who and what would be nominated and whether or not they deserved it… Heck, I sat through two full day marathons to see all the Best Picture nominees.

You could say I was a bit invested. (more…)

Oscar Best Picturathon, Part 2

Posted: 2012-02-26 by ilmozart in Movies
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Having not been scared off after the 4-in-a-row movie marathon as part of the AMC Best Picture Showcase, yesterday I completed said marathon with a five-in-a-row movie viewing.

I am happy to report, I have survived,  and am  even looking forward to sitting in a movie theater again.

Last week was a lot of fun, what with the free posters, stress balls and t-shirts. This time around, I was slightly better prepared and brought not only a slew of snacks, but a tote for all my swag. And I gotta say, having a hearty breakfast earlier in the morning didn’t hurt either.


Oscars Best Pictureathon, Part 1

Posted: 2012-02-22 by ilmozart in Movies
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I am addicted to the Academy Awards.  I haven’t missed watching the Oscars in…well, as far back as my memory goes. Even when I lived in Israel for the year, I managed to sneak off to a friend’s house and watch.  It is my Superball (or is it Superbowl?) It is the pinnacle of my pop culture year.

And, because of that, every year I make it a point to see all the Best Picture nominated films. It used to be easy when there were only 5. Even if one of those 5 was that godawful piece of cinematic garbage Crash, I always managed. Then two years ago, they changed it to 10. But then the Academy realized that the chances of there actually being 10 nomination worthy films a year was a slim bet (hello, The Blind Side), so this year they used some bizarre algorithm/mystical incantation and voila! Only 9 films to watch this year! What a relief. (more…)