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Oscar Best Picturathon, Part 2

Posted: 2012-02-26 by ilmozart in Movies
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Having not been scared off after the 4-in-a-row movie marathon as part of the AMC Best Picture Showcase, yesterday I completed said marathon with a five-in-a-row movie viewing.

I am happy to report, I have survived,  and am  even looking forward to sitting in a movie theater again.

Last week was a lot of fun, what with the free posters, stress balls and t-shirts. This time around, I was slightly better prepared and brought not only a slew of snacks, but a tote for all my swag. And I gotta say, having a hearty breakfast earlier in the morning didn’t hurt either.


Oscars Best Pictureathon, Part 1

Posted: 2012-02-22 by ilmozart in Movies
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I am addicted to the Academy Awards.  I haven’t missed watching the Oscars in…well, as far back as my memory goes. Even when I lived in Israel for the year, I managed to sneak off to a friend’s house and watch.  It is my Superball (or is it Superbowl?) It is the pinnacle of my pop culture year.

And, because of that, every year I make it a point to see all the Best Picture nominated films. It used to be easy when there were only 5. Even if one of those 5 was that godawful piece of cinematic garbage Crash, I always managed. Then two years ago, they changed it to 10. But then the Academy realized that the chances of there actually being 10 nomination worthy films a year was a slim bet (hello, The Blind Side), so this year they used some bizarre algorithm/mystical incantation and voila! Only 9 films to watch this year! What a relief. (more…)